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Crazy for Swayze: One-hit wonders in '87



Swayze The Stuck in the 80s podcast crew has recovered from its holiday coma and is ready to hit the studio again. The next subject we'll tackle: the one-hit wonders of 1987.

(Yes, that means we finally have to confront Patrick Swayze's crime against humanity -- "She's Like The Wind.")

But here's the bigger dilemma: The further we get into the 80s, the more unfamiliar I'm getting with some of these tunes. I feel a disturbance in the force here, as if the schlocky and hellish bubblegum pop of the 90s is reaching back in time and exerting unnecessary and unwanted influence on my beloved 80s music.

Here's a list of potential songs to choose from for this show:

  • Swing Out Sister -- "Breakout"
  • Wa Wa Nee -- "Sugar Free"
  • Patrick Swayze & Wendy Fraser -- "She's Like the Wind"
  • The System -- "Don't Disturb this Groove"
  • T'Pau -- "Heart and Soul"
  • Buster Poindexter -- "Hot, Hot, Hot"
  • Pseudo Echo -- "Funkytown"
  • Kane Gang -- "Motortown"
  • Living in a Box -- "Living in a Box"
  • Jon Astley -- "Jane's Getting Serious"
  • Bourgeois Tagg -- "I Don't Mind At All"
  • Club Nouveau -- "Lean on Me"
  • Company B -- "Fascinated"
  • Breakfast Club -- "Right on Track"
  • Jimmy Davis & Junction -- "Kick the Wall"
  • Hipsway -- "The Honeythief"

We'll pick about 7 or 8 songs to feature in the show. Anyone have any favorites? Better yet, anyone have a great story associated with one of the songs? If so, leave us a comment or fire away an e-mail for use in our Reader Mailbag segment.

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