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Is this the creepiest music video of the '80s?



The Cure's Robert Smith, 50 years old today, is eaten by a spider in Lullaby. And you wonder why people in the '80s generation have sleep issues.

But is Lullaby really the creepiest video of the '80s? Here are five more candidates:

SLEDGEHAMMER (Peter Gabriel): Groundbreaking? Sure. But defeathered, dancing chickens are partly what led me to become a vegetarian. [Watch it]

LAND OF CONFUSION (Genesis): Yes, most of know the disturbing puppet imagery is from the U.K. sketch TV show Spitting Image. Still, Phil Collins looks more like Jabba the Hutt. "This Mike Rutherford guy is my kind of scum: fearless and inventive." [Watch it]

ROCK ME TONITE (Billy Squier): Squier is a hard-rocking, guitar god that any '80s fans should crawl through broken glass to see play live. But his career imploded when this video hit MTV. [Watch it]

MISSIONARY MAN (The Eurythmics): Jerky robot effects! Stop it! Because it reminds us of the last video on today's list. [Watch it]

ROCKIT (Herbie Hancock): Seriously, this video is to a closet what Jaws was to the open water. After watching trousers come to life and dance on their own, I dressed myself from a laundry basket until I was 25. [Watch it]

Okay, let's name all the other creepy videos of the '80s. This should be a list befitting the longest sustained groan from the Stuck in the '80s nation since the reunion of New Kids on the Block.

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