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Chasemiamivice Lately, I've been browsing through the archives of the Stuck in the 80s podcast collection, just curious to see how the show has changed over its three years.


This morning's big find: The incredibly entertaining -- and yet very informative -- episode about Miami Vice, featuring former St. Pete Times television critic Chase Squires. The podcast was released on April 27, 2006, just days before Chase left the Times to pursue a career running from mountain lions outside Denver.

It was only our 38th show, and Chase carries it. He's the ultimate "Vice" fan, and his passion for the show is what drove me to eventually invest in the complete DVD collection of the series. (And one of these days, if I can ever learn to stop spending every night worshiping "Fletch" and swilling amber beverages, I'll get around to watching them.)

In the meantime, click here to listen to our "Miami Vice" episode. And if you want to catch up on Chase's current exploits, check out his Dirty Thoughts blog. It's -- as I used to always say -- fantastiche!

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