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Cruise pushes crazy button again



You'd think Tom Cruise would be tired of being in the news for his psychotic behavior (a term any Scientologist cringes at) when it comes to his pretend-fiancee Katie Holmes. But no. Loony Tom is back -- and jumping on furniture as an expression of love again.

Fresh off of winning a Razzie for his mind-numbing behavior of the last year, Cruise attended a Yahoo "Influential Speakers" conference last Tuesday and top-gunned it on top of a chair before the crowd to show his love for Holmes, whom he also brought on stage to pat her preggy abdomen after arm-wrestling Yahoo chief exec Terry Semel. Creepy.

We prefer Hussein over Cruise?

Tom Cruise is less popular than Saddam Hussein, according to a recent poll. Stuff magazine's polled asked readers who is the least desirable overnight camping companion. Cruise won with 41 percent of the vote, topping the former Iraqi dictator, who was on 39 percent of people's lists.

Cruise lines trivia challenge

Oh, we mock Maverick/Lestat/Joel, but we still love his 80s flicks. Name the Cruise movies that these lines came from.

1. "It seems to me that if there were any logic to our language, trust would be a four letter word."
2. "I got natural character."
3. "You're not god ... You're just a typing teacher."
4. "Did you fart?"
5. "All things end badly, or else they wouldn't end."

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