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Dark Knight trailer? There's only one Batman to '80s fans



Batman in 1989Sorry, movie fans, but the only Dark Knight I recognize came in 1989. And really, director Tim Burton deserves a big fat royalty check for every sequel that has followed, because his Batman is the one that set the dark tone for the comic book hero that has continued to this day.

You want five reasons to worship the '80s version of Batman, don't you?


5. THE ACTORS: Michael Keaton may not have the physique of Christian Bale, but I bet Mr. Mom was a lot less moody on set. And while I love Bale in 1987's Empire of the Sun (and 1993's Swing Kids), he looks like he should be married to a Kardashian.

4. ALFRED: Michael Gough is the perfect butler. Kind, ancient, wise. When I see Michael Caine, I think of Blame it on Rio. Come on. Who doesn't?

3. THE TUNES: There are certain laws of physics in this universe. Chief among them: You can never top a soundtrack composed and performed by Prince.

2. THE BIT ROLES: I'm pretty sure Robert Wuhl has never been in a bad movie. Same goes for Jack Palance, Tracey Walter, Pat Hingle and Billy Dee Williams.

1. THE VILLAIN: Jack Nicholson, baby. "This town needs an enema!" No, it just needs a special screening of 1989's Batman to remind everyone that there's only one Joker.

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