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Dead Milkmen are reincarnated



Dead Big news: The Dead Milkmen are back! At least for one gig.

The Philly punk pranksters are scheduled to play at the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 8-9, according to

The band retired in 1995. When the band's bassist, Dave Schulthise (aka "Dave Blood"), committed suicide in 2004, the remaining Milkmen returned for a few memorial shows. The Austin gig will be the first reunion since 2004. Sadly, there is no talk of an extending the get-together to a fuller tour.

The Milkmen are one of those hard-to-peg acts that either made you love or hate the 80s. Notoriously -- or perhaps just purposely -- a bunch of malcontents for the press to interview, the band members seemed to always be on the short end of the stick when it came to understanding their audiences or getting respect from their record companies. Even late into their career, rumors have it that they had to get part-time jobs to pay the bills.

But you can't debate the infectious fun and brilliant simplicity of the music. Or the inappropriate and sometimes downright offensive song titles. You just don't get that brand of mischief today.


5. WATCHING SCOTTY DIE: "One day my dog went out to play. Instead of gray he came back colored yellow."

4. LIFE IS SH*T: "This is life as I know it."

3. SRI LANKA SEX HOTEL: "Let's have sex without birth control, sell our offspring to some dirty old men."

2. AIR CRASH MUSEUM: "Betty Lou will bring the sawdust. And I've got the formaldehyde."

1. IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE, SET THEM ON FIRE: "Life can really burn you up when you're a pyromaniac."

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