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Deborah Foreman fully supports musical remake of 'Valley Girl'



valleygirl_l.jpgValley Girl, the 1983 movie that captivated teens in the '80s with its West Coast music and turned Nicolas Cage into a star, is about to finally get a second life: as a big-screen musical. And it has the full endorsement of his lovely co-star.

It's been rumored for a while that Valley Girl would get the musical treatment, but finally movie execs are making progress. Clay Weiner, a director best known for commercials, has been hired by Paramount and MGM to head up the project. According to, Weiner "apparently won studio execs over with a three-minute reel he paid for out of his own pocket that showed how he planned to choreograph new dance routines to classic ‘80s songs from the film (and the era)."

Cinemablend goes on to question the wisdom of the project in general, calling it not nearly as iconic to its decade as Easy Rider was to the '60s or Saturday Night Fever was to the '70s.

"I'm more concerned with a production that tries to bring back "totally," "grody to the max," and other Valley slangs that became outdated the moment we graduated into the '90s," wrote Cinemablend's Sean O'Connell.

That might be a valid point, if it were closer to the truth. While the original Valley Girl was originally commissioned to exploit the sudden popularity of "Val Talk" after Frank Zappa's song Valley Girl, the movie itself rarely relies on the slang that sprang it. That fad was practically dead on arrival in 1983 and the movie did nothing to revive it. If anyone was still saying "grody to the max" by 1989, that'd be news to us.

deborah.jpgRather, instead fans got an unexpected rom-com that showed off incredible music and the undeniable on-screen chemistry between Cage and actress Deborah Foreman. (The pair actually dated during the making the movie.)

In fact, Foreman tells Stuck in the '80s that she's enthusiastic about the musical remake.

"I will swipe what a friend of mine said: That would make a great musical, the story is classic, the theme is universal and transcends time. Not to mention the music is fab," Foreman told me this weekend. "I support this fully."

Hopefully, Weiner will actually study the original film a little before jumping into the project. There's a lot more to Valley Girl than skeptics would have you believe. I'm not sure there's much Weiner could do to improve on the 1983 version actually. My best hope is that a musical remake, while maybe not appealing so much to fans of the original flick, would at least introduce today's kids to some great music. (Music sooo much better than what they're getting today.)

So like Foreman, I support Hollywood's effort to try.

[Last modified: Sunday, February 19, 2012 9:27am]


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