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Deborah Gibson rocks Pride Fest ... but our guy nearly mugs her anyway

Pride1 Stuck in the '80s Denver correspondent and former co-host Chase Squires had a near butts-out hug experience with '80s teen queen Deborah Gibson last weekend at Pride Fest Denver. Yep, that's him in the right hand corner of the photo with Deborah. Here's his full report:

What do I remember of Deborah Gibson? Well, she still rocks!
We partied hard at Pride Fest Denver, lots of fun, good times, and as promised Deborah "Don't Call Me Debbie" Gibson! The crowd was immense, estimated at over 100,000, and the weather was perfect. Beer was plentiful, and, as things tend to happen when you mix dancing and beer, somehow I ended up on stage with Ms. Gibson. Pictures prove it!
How's that for weird! Chase and Ms. Gibson, dancing up a storm in front of 100,000 of our closest, screaming GLBT friends.
I need a rest!

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