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Defeat is at hand: 'G.I. Joe' opens this week




Word has it that the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie is so bad, all '80s fans are going to feel like Nazis at Nuremberg when it opens across the country on Friday.

As has been pointed out, the new movie has no "Joe," no "G.I." and no resemblance at all to the Saturday morning cartoon we grew up loving in our treasured decade. (Well, it does have Dennis Quaid in it, but the look on his face says it all: "From Innerspace to this trainwreck in just 22 years??")

Gijoegirl Still, let's not give up our memories! Let's hold onto our G.I. Joe. And here's one way to pull it off. Our favorite Web site for '80s wear,, has a ton of cool-looking G.I. Joe T-shirts.

My recommendation: Skip blowing your hard-earned coin on that silly movie. Buy a G.I. Joe shirt instead. (I'm leaning toward the "Cobra Enemy" shirt myself ... maybe the "I'm a G.I. Joe Girl" shirt for a friend.) You'll still have money left over to buy that coveted "Sweep The Leg" shirt you've wanted for so long.

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