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With Depeche Mode, we just can't get enough



So, the moody English electronica band hits Tampa on Thursday night for a show at the St. Pete Times Forum. Your favorite 80s addicts will be there! Well, not me. But Sean Daly and Gina Vivinetto -- your trained music experts. You wouldn't want to read a concert review from me anyway. I stopped going to shows a few years ago because I got tired of spending $100 to sit 100 yards from a band that I could listen to at home in my recliner. Actually, come to think of it, that's the reason I stopped going to Bucs and Gators games too. That and the fact that beer is much colder and cheaper here at my place.

But back to Depeche Mode... Your 80s troika recorded an exceptional tribute podcast for the band today. It should be online by Thursday -- just in time to download it from iTunes to listen to on the way to the Forum. To prepare for the show, I burned a little compilation CD earlier this week and after listening to the Mode for 24 straight hours, I've come to several conclusions.

  • Blasphemous Rumors is actually a pretty uplifting song ... when listened to at 4 a.m. after drinking a liter of Diet Mountain Dew.
  • "Some Great Reward" is the best album of the 80s, no matter what Sean says. (He's just cranky after his strange seal-morphing-into-dog dream).
  • Gina needs 5 minutes to prepare for any podcast. I need 3 hours. And even after 3 hours, I can't remember the band member names. Yet, strangely I can name all three members of Rush tonight.
  • No matter what I do, I can't stop singing the intro lyrics "It's a lot (it's a lot) ... it's a lot (it's a lot) ... it's a lot (it's a lot) like life" from Master and Servant. I did it on the elevator at work today on my way home, not even realizing it, and the other two people onboard moved far away from me.
So check out the equally kinky podcast on Thursday and let us know what you think. And if you spot Gina and Sean hand in hand at the show, go up to them and start singing "Strange Love" to them. Just for me.

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