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Depression? Don't forget these bands



Thecurephoto Our list of most depressing songs of the 80s is coming along nicely (no irony intended), but we're sadly (yes, pun intended) in need of more entries from a few of the decade's darkest acts -- The Smiths and The Cure.

Personally, I was never a huge Smiths fan. And for some reason, I either can't comprehend the actual words of a Cure song or I just like the happy ones. So I'm at a distinct disadvantage.

Christine But luckily the Stuck in the 80s nation has an expert fan up in the northeast. Christine is an Egyptologist for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which means she spends her days researching pop culture too. Just a little further back in time. (The haircuts were about the same though.) Click here to see her Myspace page. (She's also a guest on our special Cure episode of Stuck in the 80s.)

While acknowledging she's the foremost expert on either band, Christine says "I'd also like to go on the record saying neither band is mopey."

"The Smiths are so sarcastic, and The Cure have a lot of cheery songs," she explains.

Still, here are her picks for most depressing songs by each band, along with her rationale:

"Give Me It" (The Cure): "Very frenetic and claustrophobic. It's kind of sexy yet paranoid and angry and violent and apocalyptic."

"One More Time" (The Cure): "It is a gentle, beautiful song, full of longing but Robert Smith is resigned. Just a simple, sadly sweet love song really."

"How Soon Is Now?" (The Smiths): "An anthem of going out to find someone to connect with and coming up empty handed and coming home broken hearted and feeling inept."

"Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me" (The Smiths): "Some real sarcastic bite, plus it includes the line 'No hope, no harm, just another false alarm.' "

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