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Devo releases new 12" vinyl single



Devo_cover Today's guest blog item comes from none other than Douglas "the General" Arthur, who weekly laments that there hasn't been a Devo podcast yet on Stuck in the '80s. He gets even today.

Pioneering New Wave band Devo goes all tricky on us by saying, "Brand New, You're Retro" and releasing their latest single on 12" vinyl with a variety of remixes. The single -- Watch Us Work It -- dropped last month, and is the first new Devo song on vinyl since 1990's Smooth Noodle Maps album.

The thumping and instantly catchy song first hit the airwaves in 2007 as the soundtrack for a Dell computer commercial, and is apparently part of a growing collection of new Devo tunes that the spudboys hope to release in the near future!

In an interview taken right after their triumphant return to Akron, Ohio, this last October for a Barack Obama fundraiser with Chrissie Hynde, Devo dropped the bombshell that they had about 17 or 18 songs ready for a new album and were mulling over what to do with them. Apparently a wide range of talent has offered some interest in producing the new set of tunes for release, including Snoop Dogg, the Teddy Bears and Fat Boy Slim. Still, this may not be a traditional release. Devo is apparently pondering an idea to license each song individually as soundtracks to commercials. Let's just hope they aren't Swiffer ads.

The vinyl disc includes:

  • The Teddy Bears mix, which was heard in the commercial (and is available for download on iTunes and elsewhere)
  • The original Devo demo version
  • A karaoke version
  • Something oddly named the "Still Workin'" version

The single is rounded out by the novelty, Devo Was Right About Everything by the British band Attery Squash remixed by Robert and Gerald Casale.

Currently the remixes are only available on this vinyl release, which appears to only for online ordering through specialty label MVD and retails for $14.95. Signed copies are to be made available soon via Devo's Web store, along with T-shirts and other sundries featuring the stunningly cool artwork for the single!

For more info point your browsers over to, the spuds official site!

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