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Dexy's Kevin Roland: 'I'd rather slit my wrists than just play our old songs'

Kevin Rowland/publicity photoDexy's Midnight Runners -- these days they prefer to just be known as Dexys -- got a great writeup in the UK's Sun this week, but it wasn't an interview that the band was looking forward to.

"Having despised some of the things The Sun has done in the past, and being supporters of the Justice For the 96 Campaign, Dexys thought long and hard and too and froed about doing an interview with The Sun," the band wrote on its Facebook page Friday. "Finally, knowing that we need to sell records to keep this show on the road and after being assured that it wouldnt be a sensational piece and that the writer was a genuine fan of the music, we decided to do it. It proved to be the right decision - the journalist was a gentleman and has written a piece that more accurately reflects what has REALLY been going on in Dexys, than some of the music monthlies."

They're right. The Sun piece is engaging, thoughtful, incredibly complimenting and informative. If you weren't tempted to buy their new album -- One Day I'm Going to Soar -- before, you probably will after reading it. Among the notable quotes from frontman Kevin Rowland:

ON THE NEW ALBUM: "I won't be reading the reviews. I'm not bothered what they say."

COMEBACK ... OR REBOOT? "There was no attempt to be nostalgic. We're not trying to be like Dexys in the Eighties. We wouldn’t dream of it. If we’d wanted to do that, we’d have done it years ago."

SO WHY REUNITE AND RECORD NOW? "Honestly, I don't really know The songs have been developing for years and we could have recorded them at any given time. Maybe we just weren’t ready. I know it sounds like a ridiculous amount of time but we... I wasn't ready."

ON THE '80s TUNES: "I don't dislike any of them. Some I can’t relate to any more and I won't sing them."

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