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The Diceman cometh

Diceman Warning: Andrew Dice Clay is still offensive. And 20 years later, that's just the way fans of his comedy like it.

The leather-clad, profanity-spewing comedian is back on the road, performing his unique brand of comic male aggression, shocking rants and sexually explicit nursery rhymes.

Clay plays Tampa's Side Splitters Comedy Club on Sunday, July 8. Despite tickets starting at $100, the show was sold at more than a week before his arrival -- a rare feat for someone who isn't exactly Dave Chappelle or Jerry Seinfeld. (Check out his MySpace page for dates close to you.)

Clay seemingly was at his height of popularity in the mid-'80s to early '90s, when his acting and comedy careers collided to sell out shows in the nation's biggest venues. The controversy he covets grew even larger after MTV banned him for life in 1989 after a profanity-laced performance at the network's Video Music Awards.

These days, the 49-year-old Clay is attracting a new, younger generation of fans after the run of his reality show, "Dice Undisputed," on cable's VH1 earlier this year.

This week's Stuck in the 80s podcast features an interview with the Diceman. To be honest, he was one of our most difficult and challenging celebrity interviews. The main part lasts only about 10 minutes and -- after some necessary editing -- ends quite suddenly. The Diceman is hard to pin down on some questions, and he'll flip out over other queries. But hey, that's who he is. And most people who know him either love or loathe him. (For the record: I dig the Diceman. I know his nursery rhyme jokes by heart, and I'll go as far to say he could be an even better actor than a comedian.)

Click here to listen to the show or click here to subscribe to the whole podcast for free on iTunes.  One important warning: The podcast interview is uncensored and has adult language and profanity. (From the Diceman? I know ... you're shocked!)

Here are some show highlights:

On his sometimes crazy audiences: "When I was just in West Bay in New York, I don't even know how many fights there were. It was ridiculous. It made it very difficult to perform when people are bashing chairs over other people's heads."

On his place in comedy history: "You can't even really look at me like a comic because the excitement I bring to it is more like a rock star. That's why when people ask me about who my favorite comedians are, I don't give a f--k about comedians. I never studied them, I don't know the history of them. I don't even like to go to comedy movies."

On his reality TV show: "I filmed most of it. And the thing was that the producers had their idea of what the show should be, so they really didn't put in the edge that I felt it needed. ... I like what they did edit together. It was a fun show to watch. But I was really trying to show what I've been living -- what it's been like bringing up my sons, going through a rough divorce and then being engaged to a great girl. ... We're not engaged anymore because people can only take so much of me."

What makes comics funny: "Comics do not get along. Even if they're nice comics like Jerry Seinfeld, who's a cleaner comic on stage, comics are angry f---ing people. If they're any good, they take real life and they just throw it right in the audience's faces and let them know what a--hole people they really are. And that's what makes the audience laughs."

Andrew_dice1 Fans of Andrew Dice Clay may not know he had an extensive career in acting on TV and in films before headlining arenas for comedy shows. Fans from the '80s probably know Clay best from playing the bouncer in "Pretty in Pink" and co-starring in "Casual Sex?" with Lea Thompson. In 1990, he'd play his first headlining role in "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane."

Here are a few of his notable appearances.


  • M*A*S*H: 1 episode in 1982 as "Cpl. Hrabosky"
  • Diff'rent Strokes: 2 episodes in 1982-83 as "Crazy Larry"
  • Crime Story: 2 seasons in 1986087 as "Max Goldman"


  • Making the Grade (1984): Starring Judd Nelson and Jonna Lee
  • Private Resort (1985): Starring Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp
  • Pretty In Pink (1986): Starring Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy
  • Casual Sex? (1988): Starring Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson
  • The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990): Starring Clay and Wayne Newton
  • One Night at McCool's (2001): Starring Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas.

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