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Did dancing in 'The Wiz' ultimately lead to Michael Jackson's death?



The-wiz-dvd_l This is going to seem a little far-fetched, but no more so than the other Michael Jackson death conspiracies floating around: Did breaking his nose during 'The Wiz' put the King of Pop on a collision course with death?

(Bear with me. This theory was developed only a few short hours ago at my barber shop, where all great thinking is done. It takes regular maintenance after all to keep my 'do so perfectly spiky.)

According to multiple reports, Jackson broke his nose during dance rehearsals for The Wiz, the 1978 film with Diana Ross that made Ease on Down the Road such a classic. Cosmetic surgery was required (or at least chosen by Jackson) to get it back into shape.

So here's the theory: Once you cross that plastic surgery line, crossing it again is easier and easier. (Ask the "Real Housewives" from Atlanta, Orange County and NYC.) It's like getting a tattoo: Ever meet many people with just ONE tattoo? They're always balancing them out, adding a new one. Just one more, they keep promising. Same goes for plastic surgery, I imagine. Another nip. Another tuck. Another nose.

Now combine that sad phenomenon with Jackson's already eclectic personality and you have a runaway train. The popular theory over the last week is that it took buckets of painkillers for Jackson to suppress the aftereffects of so many surgeries and that an overdose was the ultimate culprit. And a man like Jackson has the means and connections to get doctors to help him out.

And so that leads us to Thursday in Los Angeles. Can a kid who broke his nose 30 years ago find himself dead at age 50 after cardiac arrest? It just feels eerily possible.

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