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Disorder clouds New Order reissues



New_order Here's the good news: Rhino has reissued all five albums by New Order from the '80s, along with a bunch of non-album singles, b-sides and various remixes.

Sadly, there's bad news: Fans in the U.K., who got their hands on the releases about a month ago, are complaining of hundreds of errors within the recordings themselves -- though mainly on the bonus material.

"The pops and crackles on many of the tracks suggest they were transferred directly from commercially available vinyl recordings rather than from the original master tapes," reports Reuters news service.

What's odd is that Rhino went ahead and released the discs in the U.S. after learning of the problems, Reuters says. Still, a solution is at hand: Rhino says it will fix the problems and allow fans to exchange their flawed CDs for the fixed ones.

New Order bassist Peter Hook, on his MySpace page, says the problems wouldn't have happened if the band had heard the discs before release. "This is a very difficult one. We are aware of the problems and because we did not have finished product to listen to. It has, shall we say, slipped through the net."


5. FINE TIME: "You know I've met a lot of cool chicks. But I've never met a girl with all her own teeth." [Video]

4. SHELL SHOCK: "Don't give up the game until your heart stops beating." [Video]

3. BLUE MONDAY: "If it wasn't for your misfortunes, I'd be a heavenly person today." [Video]

2. TRUE FAITH: "My morning sun is the drug that brings me near to the childhood I lost, replaced by fear." [Video]

1. BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE: "Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray." [Video]

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