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Do not (repeat DO NOT) buy 'We Sing 80s' for me for Christmas



80s_2d_large_ukv_rgb.jpgLet's get this straight: I love singing along to '80s songs. In fact, every time I drive back and forth between Orlando and Tampa on weekends, I play Journey's Greatest Hits Part 2, and I sing along to about 90 percent of the tunes and try to imagine myself as a fatter and far less talented version of Steve Perry on stage with the classic lineup that included Steve Smith on drums. So I rejoiced at the idea of videogame called We Sing '80s.

Only one problem: It's just for Wii gaming systems; I only have PlayStation 3 (the preferred gaming console of '80s nerds everywhere.) So to be straight: If you own Wii, absolutely buy We Sing '80s for yourself and go nuts. Sing 30 chart-topping songs like Rio, The Power Of Love, Eternal Flame and even Come On Eileen (the world's HARDEST song to singalong to thanks to lyrics that sound absolutely nothing like the song we remember). 

Get the full list of sings right here. And if you're so kind, feel free to send me your slightly used Wii gaming system, if you're using it anymore. Because even though there isn't a single Journey tune on this game (what's up with that?), this ole Steve Perry needs to sing, baby. He needs to sing.

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