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Do these guys look dangerous?



Penn__teller_get_killed Word is starting to spread about the pain and humiliation about to be heaped upon me for creating Stuck in the 80s.

RELATED NEWS/ARCHIVE, a website for magic news, has an item today about Penn &Teller's upcoming show about "the good old days," featuring a segment on Stuck in the 80s. Other than the "Me Decade" zinger, it's right on the money. And it even appears readers there have some empathy toward the 80s.

"Ah, the 80s. Everything was perfect then," said one comment. "Dennis DeYoung was in Styx where he belongs. Uri Geller was obscure once again. And most importantly, Steve Perry was in Journey, not that other poseur. Whatever! Gag me with a spoon."

Yes, the 80s, when Penn & Teller were the stars of a 1989 flick called "Penn & Teller Get Killed." Poofy Dennis DeYoung hair and all.

Still, I appreciate the support from the magic community. Now if I can just get Gob Bluth and Harry Anderson on board.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:28pm]


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