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Do we really need another 'Terminator'?



Terminator_salvation Everyone knows Hollywood is fresh out of ideas. But another installment of The Terminator? Really?

Yes, Christian Bale, who seemingly does no wrong on the big screen, is now "John Connor" in Terminator 4 (a.k.a. Terminator: Salvation, a.k.a. Terminator: Just Remember You Used to Like This Series When Arnold Played The Lead).

Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, humanity is at war with the computer network Skynet. (Anyone else worried that this is just 10 years away? I call it the "Space: 1999 Syndrome.") The flick is due in theaters in summer 2009.

Take deep breaths, then click here to see the trailer for Terminator: Salvation on the web.

(By the way, whenever I see Christian Bale onscreen, I'm amazed he played the small boy lead character in 1987's Empire of The Sun. Relive the magic.)

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