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Does Bon Jovi give rock a bad name?




Do you remember when Jon Bon Jovi was a bad-ass rock n' roll rebel? Think way, WAY back. (Still a little hazy, I know. It's all the hairspray he used -- it fogs up the brain cells.)

Soul Nowadays, Bon Jovi juggles his time as the co-owner of Arena Football's Philadelphia Soul and pimping his vocal-coaching talents on American Idol. (At least he stopped making movies.) But that's OK, it's his own personal journey and we respect that. (On the web, no one can tell you're being sarcastic.)

Seriously though, Bon Jovi's new album -- Lost Highway -- hit the record stores this week and Times pop music critic Sean Daly sounds off on it in his latest review. Click here to read his words of wisdom.

In the meantime, I have my own favorites ... and then some beefs to pick.


5. Lay Your Hands On Me: "Right now the rules we made are meant for breaking."

4. You Give Love a Bad Name: "Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye" 

3. Bad Medicine: "Gonna take more than a shot to get this poison out of me"

2. It's My Life: "This is for the ones who stood their ground"

1. Livin' On a Prayer: "We've got each other and that's a lot"


5. Never Say Goodbye: This song doesn't make me want to say goodbye; it makes me want to flip him the bird.

4. I'll Be There For You: You know a song sucks when one verse ("These five words I swear to you") basically tells you the number of words in the song's title.

3. This Ain't a Love Song: Oh, but it really is a love song. Thanks for the clarification, Dr. Obvious.

2. Runaway: My first garage band played this song (usually right after "Louie Louie" but before "Hungry Like The Wolf.") To this day, I get the cold sweats and acid reflux when I hear the staccato keyboard beginning.

1. Wanted Dead or Alive: It's right up there with "Roxanne" by the Police as most-abused karaoke songs in history. You can't sing it aloud without someone (me, I guess) wanting to punch you in the nose. And why is a guy from Jersey singing a song that sounds like it belongs in a Clint Eastwood movie? (That's a rhetorical question, boys...)

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