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'Dogface! I show you how Soviet dies!'



Red_dawn_mcdonalds We loved the music and adored the movies. But you know what the real secret is to our enduring devotion to the 80s?

The creeping Red Menace of Communism, the perfect villain for a more simple time.

I miss those evil Ruskies with their "moose and squirrel" accents, always one step ahead of us with some delicious doomsday weapon or chemically enhanced Olympic athlete stealing the gold from our innocent freedom-loving Americans. (Because, "Oh no, U.S. athletes would NEVER use steroids!")

So with the help of a very special guest-host, this week's Stuck in the 80s podcast honors "The Red Scare Movies" that we loved so much in that golden decade. Click here to listen, or click here to get all our podcasts delivered to you for free via iTunes.

In the meantime, here's the obligatory list for you, Comrades!


5. "You know what they say, 'Men'she ty znaesh', lushche.' " (Spies Like Us)

4. "What you call yourself is of no concern to us. Here, you're just a criminal." (White Nights)

3. "You will not, of course, make it to wherever you are going. Goodbye, Mr. Gant!" (Firefox)

2. "Any country that can survive Stalin can certainly handle a little dope." (Red Heat)

1. "Dogface! I show you how Soviet dies!" (Red Dawn)

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