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Don't be shy. You really LOVE Asia



Attention, 80s addicts! Our Stuck in the 80s podcast tribute to the 80s supergroup Asia is now online. Download. Listen. Cherish. Because deep down inside, we all secretly love Asia. (Who didn't cheer out loud when they queued up "Heat Of The Moment" during 40-Year-Old Virgin? Our theater audience nearly starting doing the wave.)

Plus, you can savor these chewy morsels about those musical English lads:
-- Find out how moose-watching figures into the demise of the original lineup.
-- Listen in befuddled awe as Steve spins the tale of how he taped over the live concert of Asia in Tokyo with the Scott Baio classic "Zapped."
-- Enjoy some great tunes, obviously, including a couple you've probably forgotten.
-- Get the insider scoop on plans for a 25th anniversary reunion tour. (It's gonna happen, my fellow 80s freaks ... mark your calendars for December!)

In the meantime, you may ask yourself: How can they top themselves next week over at the Stuck in the 80s camp? Answer this question: What do all these movies have in common .... Losin' It, Last American Virgin, Class, Porky's and Little Darlings?

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:17pm]


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