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Don't believe this list - Scott Baio rules: Worst movies of the 80s (21-30)



I know what you're thinking: This list of Worst 80 movies of the 80s is never going to end. I felt the same way when I was watching these movies. My least favorite on today's list: Yes, Giorgio. I have no idea why I watched it -- all the way through nonetheless. I guess I'm just a big fan of the Eddie Albert movies or the romantic-opera genre.

Zapped I will, however, rush to the defense of Zapped! -- a movie whose soundtrack I once owned and a flick I wouldn't have included on this list, except we got enough votes to almost push it onto the Top 10. How can anyway hate a movie with pot, prom, salami and excessive nudity?

Today's biggest loser: I can't pick Gene Simmons -- my favorite member of KISS has a lifetime pass against any zingers from this blog. I'm staying away from Scott Baio too. So that leaves me with Luciano Pavarotti, who should have known better than to try real acting.

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30. Zapped! (1982): Scott Baio, Willie Aames. Tagline: "The comedy that won't let you down!" One critic said: "My dear friends, you haven't lived until you've seen the Naked Prom of Insanity that is ZAPPED!"

29. Illegally Yours (1988): Rob Lowe, Colleen Camp. Tagline: "After all, what's a little blackmail, burglary, perjury and murder amongst friends?" One critic said: "Watching Rob Lowe pester a suffering woman on the flimsiest of pretexts isn't at all funny."

28. She-Devil (1989): Meryl Streep, Roseanne Barr. Tagline: "Revenge Is Sweet... And Low." One critic said: "Cartoony and sour and misanthropic."

Gene 27. Runaway (1984): Tom Selleck, Gene Simmons. Tagline: "It Is The Future. He fought the horror of robots programmed to kill." One critic said: "Horrible set design, amateurish direction, too predictable a script, and a score so phony, it’ll have you wishing they’d just bought the rights to “Runaway” by Bon Jovi so they could play it over and over again."

26. Deal of the Century (1983): Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver. Tagline: "They sell second-rate weapons to third world nations." One critic said: "Chevy Chase labors manfully, but once again he hasn't been asked to play a character, he's been asked to play Chevy Chase."

25. Doctor Detroit (1983): Dan Aykroyd, Howard Hesseman. Tagline: "He's making the world safe for insanity." One critic said: "This would have been a lame idea for a five minute skit on Saturday Night Live, so when stretched out to 90 minutes, the results often encroach into excruciatingly stupid."

Satisfaction 24. Satisfaction (1988): Justine Bateman, Liam Neeson. Tagline: "One Band. One Dream. One Summer." One critic said: "All through this movie I was compelled to yell at the screen 'Mallory!'"

23. Hot To Trot (1988): Bob Goldthwait, Dabney Coleman. Tagline: "The funniest talking horse movie ever!" One critic said: "An unbridled disaster, a screwball horseplay so lame you want to put it out of its misery. 'Equus' is funnier."

22. Mac and Me (1988): Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward. Tagline: "Out of this world and into your heart." One critic said: "Forget about calling home; E.T., call lawyer."

21. Yes, Giorgio (1982): Luciano Pavarotti, Kathryn Harrold. Tagline: None. One critic said: "Falling into the same category where one would place the films of Kate Smith and Liberace."

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