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Don't call him stupid: Kevin Kline turns 64



wanda_l.jpgHe's had an amazing run in movies. He's a pro on stage. He won an Oscar for a comedic role, which is no easy thing. And he's married to Phoebe Cates. So who in the world would actually call Kevin Kline stupid? Well, aside from his co-stars in A Fish Called Wanda, naturally. But you get my point.

Kline's a near impossible actor to dislike. Check out his credits and look for really bad roles. Maybe U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon in 1999's Wild Wild West? Or the Pirate King in 1983's The Pirates of Penzance? I'd go as far to say his non-80s work is as strong as his roles in our favorite decade. A rare admission.

Anyway, Kline turns 64 years old today. And if there's any justice in this world, wifey Phoebe will dress up in Princess Leia's slave bikini outfit (or better yet -- recreate her topless scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) as a birthday present.

In the meantime, we'll honor five roles we can't forget.


5. THE BIG CHILL (1983): "You know, I live here. This place means something to me. I'm dug in. I don't need this s--t."

4. SOPHIE'S CHOICE (1982): "Don't you see, Sophie? We're dying."

3. CRY FREEDOM (1987): "Do you know anyone we can trust ... who has a car?"

2. SILVERARO (1985): "Stand up real slow and you just might live through this night."

1. A FISH CALLED WANDA (1988): "Don't call me stupid."

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