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Don't even think of saying 'Mr. Cougar'



Johncougar It has been a long time since anyone had the guts to call him Johnny Cougar to his face. And for good reason. I get the impression that John Mellencamp could just use a flick of his eyebrow to scatter your torso into billions of freed atoms if you so much as sign-languaged his early 80s moniker in his presence.

So watch your mouth, because Mellencamp is coming to a town near you soon (though it'd probably help if you lived in the Northeastern United States). The Indiana-bred singer/songerwriter -- who turned 56 years old Sunday -- just announced that his fall tour will be extended through mid-December. And East LA rockers Los Lobos will be joining up with Mellencamp for the additional stops. (Click here to see the full list of dates.)

Rumor has it that a spring tour will bring him down the southern half of the country.

Could he be a future guest on the Stuck in the 80s podcast? Hmmm, he's a tough guy to get on the phone. That's what at least one Midwestern newspaper critic is finding out. My pal, Times music critic Sean Daly, had the pleasure of spending a whole afternoon with Mellencamp. So you never know. Just don't call him Cougar.

Think you're the ultimate fan? Can you name the songs these lyrics appear in?

1. "You got your hands in my back pockets and Sam Cooke's singin' on the radio."

2. "He chased the wind. That's all his silly life required."

3. "He's singing about standing in the shadows of love."

4. "All the stony's are dancin' to the radio."

5. "Those old crazy dreams just kinda came and went."

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