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Don't Stop Til You Get Enough? (We've had enough)



Here are the words we all didn't want to hear... No, not Tom Cruise is marrying your daughter. Even worse. Ready?

Michael Jackson is back in the studio. (We assume they don't mean studio apartment, which is about all the bankrupt King of Pop should be able to afford by now.)

Seriously, Forbes magazine reports that Jackson has inked a deal with a label owned by the son of Bahrain's king. A new album could be released by late 2007. Safe to say, MJ could use the income. Financial problems caused His Royal Weirdness to shutter his infamous child-care service (aka Neverland Ranch) back in March. And he hasn't scored a significant hit since 1995's You Are Not Alone. (And by the way, YES he is now.)

Must we do a top 5 list for Mr. Jackson? OK. Reluctantly (but with a certain smirk nonetheless)....

Top 5 Fiascos in Michael Jackson's Career (ahem ... so far):
5. Hair catches fire during filming of Pepsi commercial in 1984.
4. Multiple rhinoplasties leave his face looking like the Crypt Keeper.
3. Settles child abuse allegations out of court for $20-million in 1994.
2. Dangles infant son over Berlin hotel balcony in 2002.
1. Charged but acquitted of sexual abuse of a child in 2005.

So what do you think? Will you buy MJ's new album? At what point did our Mr. Jackson jump the shark?

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