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The "Dream" is realized



Regeneration_tour LAS VEGAS -- Put the Regeneration 2008 Las Vegas tour stop officially in the books now.

Our gang of 80s addicts just returned home to our luxurious suite at the Luxor after the four-hour music fiesta. With a wet bar stocked with all the necessary poisons -- and not a bag of Funyuns in sight -- here are the highlights of tonight's mega-concert.

HALFWAY HOUSE: Let's get the sad news over with first. The auditorium was only halfway full tonight for the Regeneration show. But with Rod Stewart and Pat Benatar also in town tonight, 80s fans were scattered across town.

LOUD AND PROUD: I've never been at a concert with more enthusiastic fans. People were on their feet most of the night, singing along word for word to almost every song. The performers on stage seemed surprised by the devotion.

SAFETY DANCE: Though it wasn't billed as a dance party, performers on stage repeatedly encouraged fans to ignore security personnel and to dance up next to the stage. The bouncers finally gave up and let people go nuts.

NAKED EYES: Pete Byrne was in top form, starting the show bravely with an acoustic version of "Always Something There to Remind Me," which transformed into the full electronic version we all love. They only had four songs, but their finale -- "Promises Promises" -- brought the first standing ovation of the night.

A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS: Singer Mike Score knew what the fans wanted -- the hits -- and delivered with strong performances of "Space Age Love Song" and "Wishing" before finishing up with "I Ran."

ABC: Martin Fry was the star of the night, no question about it. The band played two songs off their new "Traffic" CD, then showered the awed fans with "Be Near Me," "How To Be a Millionaire," and "When Smokey Sings" before finishing up with "Poison Arrow" and "The Look of Love." They could have played for another hour and the fans would have still wanted more.

BELINDA CARLISLE: The Go-Go singer used ABC's backup musicians as her band and did both solo and Go-Go tunes during her set. "Circle in the Sand" was a popular pick with our group, but her finale of "Mad About You" was the highlight.

THE HUMAN LEAGUE: Wow. Just wow. The stage was totally redesigned for the headliners, and Phil Oakey didn't disappoint. The band whipped through their greatest hits, starting with "Mirror Man" and then springing into "Heart Like a Wheel," "The Lebanon," and "Human." The finales were "Fascination" and "Don't You Want Me." The band returned for an encore -- the long awaited "Together in Electric Dreams" -- before calling it a night.

So with the music done, and the review written, it's time to record some audio for our upcoming Vegas podcast. And pour a glass of amber magic.


5. "After I make love, I make love again..."

4. "Oh, Mike, you're really good at this."

3. "I still love the Hooters."

2. "Just wash it off and come over here."

1.  "Who brought the Funyuns?? DALY!!!"

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