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Drownin' in beer is like heaven, eh?



Strangebrew At one point in my life, I thought "Strange Brew" was the funniest movie I'd ever seen. Is it still that funny today? (Yeah, so long as you're enjoying a "two-four" while viewing it.)

Check out our latest podcast -- a tribute to the 1983 movie about the fictional Bob and Doug MacKenzie -- and let us know. Click here to download it. Or click here to subscribe to all our show for free on iTunes.

Some of this week's highlights:

  • The top 10 quotes from "Strange Brew."
  • Sean Daly argues this movie has the world's greatest flatulence scene.
  • I share the aftermath story of an ill-fated experiment with beer bongs in college.
  • Sean tells the story of the "Drunk Dwarf."
  • And for some reason, the line "I had a mustache in college" is uncontrollably funny.

Stevespearsmustache And for the record, I had a mustache in high school too, but Daly didn't think that was as funny. I've actually had one since about my junior year. I shaved it after my freshman year in college, when for some reason they suddenly became unpopular again. And as promised here's a real photo of the 'stache.

Enjoy the podcast. Drop us a comment with your thoughts.

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