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Duckie, Booger, Chainsaw and more: Name the best '80s nicknames




This week's Stuck in the '80s podcast asked that all listeners submitting answers to our Mystery Movie Moment and Name that '80s Tune seggies use nicknames. And we got some good ones. My fave so far: Lord Ignacious Farthammer. Second place: Alex "Millimeter" Peter, a nickname from sixth grade, he wrote, that luckily didn't stick.

And so, with that image stuck in our brains, let's honor the other nicknames of the '80s. Forget the King of Pop, Maverick, Goose and his buddies. Let's honor the real nicknames of the '80s: our faves from TV and the movies. (Yes, Maverick and Goose were from Top Gun, but those were their "call signs" and not really nicknames.)

Submit your own faves in the comment area. But here are the first five that came to my mind:

DUCKIE (aka Phillip Dale from Pretty in Pink): He remained a "Duck Man" all the way through the prom.

BOOGER (aka Dudley Dawson from Revenge of the Nerds): Narrowly gets the nod over Ogre from the same movie.

LASSIE (aka Coach Honeywell from Porky's): "Why do they call you Lassie?" 

PSYCHO (aka Francis Soyer from Stripes): Don't ever call him Francis, or he'll kill you.

CHAINSAW (aka Francis Gremp from Summer School): Again, don't ever call him Francis, or he'll pretend to kill you.

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