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Duran Duran talks about early days: 'We didn't really anticipate anything'



Duran Duran/Getty Images

Duran Duran is just hours away from playing the Coachella music fest. Sounds like a great time for a scholarly piece of journalism examining the band's highs and lows. Anyone? Ah yes, the L.A. Times. I see you have your hand up. 

Here are a couple highlights from the Times story and interviews with Simon Le Bon and John Taylor. Click here to read the full article.

JOHN ON THEIR EARLY SUCCESS: "In a way, [our success] happened so quickly, we were quite ambitious. We were very ambitious. And we achieved our goals. I certainly achieved my goals. I didn't realize how limited the idea of wanting to play Madison Square Garden was, because we achieved it within four years, and then I didn't know what to do for years after that."

SIMON ON THEIR COMEBACK: "It's something nobody really anticipated, but then we didn't really anticipate anything. We didn't think two weeks ahead, let alone 30 years ahead."

SIMON ON THEIR ROLE NOW: "We've had a lot of time to ponder the question of what our job is, what we do in the world. I feel that we do something which brings people together, makes people feel good about themselves, makes people feel that they're not alone. Making people feel not alone, I feel we're providing a very useful service."

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