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Eat your C3PO's: Fave fad cereals of the '80s

Pacman_cereal If you were a child of the '80s, like today's guest blogger Jeff Fisher of Raleigh, N.C., Saturday morning was not complete without cartoons and breakfast cereals. Jeff took time out from blow-torching the Crunchberries out of his back molars to provide his list of favorite fad cereals of the '80s and their commercials:

PAC-MAN CEREAL (1983): You can do the Pac-Man! Gobble them up good, or they might gobble you. [Watch commercial]

SMURFBERRY CRUNCH CEREAL (1982): I’m not sure Peyo was intending his beloved cartoons to be pimping a breakfast cereal. Hands down, the best song of all the fad cereal commercials. [Watch commercial]

RAINBOW BRITE CEREAL (1985): This was a pretty tasty cereal. It even made your milk fruity. Glad this cartoon has never been resurrected!  [Watch commercial]

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES CEREAL (late '80s): Cowabunga! Forget the pizza, I need me some TMNT cereal to help me fight Shredder and the Foot Clan!  [Watch commercial

Cereal_gb GHOSTBUSTERS CEREAL (1986): What you gonna crunch? Not this cereal if you’re smart!  [Watch commercial]

NINTENDO CEREAL SYSTEM (1988): Not one, but two crappy cereals in this box. The cereal and the name were not nearly as bad as the commercial. [Watch commercial]

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE CEREAL (1983): Was this ever a “berry” part of your nutritious breakfast? [Watch commercial]

Cereal-box-f C-3PO'S CEREAL (1984): Yes! The Force was strong with you when you ate this cereal. And don’t forget about the R2-D2 mask you could cut out on the back of the box. [Watch commercial]

TEDDY GRAHAMS BREAKFAST BEARS CEREAL (late '80s): The worst song and commercial I could find! This cereal must have lasted about two weeks in the store. [Watch commercial

BATMAN CEREAL (1989): Aren’t you glad Batman took a break from putting criminals in the Arkham Asylum to deliver his breakfast cereal to us? [Watch commercial]

What other fad cereals do you remember?

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