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An 'edgier' remake of 'Monster Squad?' Hollywood's got nards



The new Clash of the Titans was a bust. A Nightmare On Elm Street, which opens today, is getting awful reviews. Ghostbusters 3 is imploding before a single scene has been shot.

So by all means, Hollywood, move full speed ahead a remake of 1987's The Monster Squad. (The howling you're hearing is not from the Wolfman or his nards.)

"We're out to writers right now," producer Brad Form told Sci Fire Wire. "We're going to start hearing takes this week. Hopefully we'll be off to the races writing that."

Rob Cohen, who produced the '80s original, is "in line" to direct, the website says. That's some rare good news. But keep in mind Fuller is with the company who remade Nightmare on Elm Street. Okay, we're feeling blue again.

The 1987 flick followed a gang of kids in their battle against Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Gill Man and the Mummy ... because, you know, it's either fight monsters or play Atari in the '80s. It was the right mix of comedy and horror that made it popular with a family audience back in the day. But the reboot will be "edgier," the new producers say.

"It's a movie we're really excited about, because we loved movies like Goonies, Monster Squad," Form said. "To take a family adventure-type movie, make it scary, is something a little different for us. It's not a soft version."

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5. "Where the hell am I supposed to find silver bullets? K-Mart?"

4. "See ya later, Band-Aid Breath!"

3. "Scary German guy is bitchin'!"

2. "Creature stole my twinkie!"

1. "Wolfman's got nards!"

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