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Eight movies that go great with turkey



Turkey What will you do Thursday when you recover from that tryptophan-fueled coma on the couch? Try popping a classic Thanksgiving flick into the DVD player.

I'll confess that only two of these took place in our beloved '80s, but are you really gonna hold my feet to the fire on that? (My personal fave is 1995's Home for the Holidays anyway.)

And if you think Christmas has the monopoly on traditional holiday movies, you're just talking turkey. Here are the great eight Thanksgiving movies to stuff yourself with this weekend:

Hannah_2The players: Woody Allen, Barbara Hershey, Michael Caine
The plot: Between two Thanksgivings, the love lives of a Manhattan family go in dramatically different directions.
One memorable line: "I had a great evening; it was like the Nuremberg Trials."

The players: Steve Martin, John Candy
The plot: Saddled with an obnoxious slob as a travel mate, a family man fights bad weather and even worse luck to get home for Thanksgiving.
Memorable line: "You know, when you're telling these little stories? Here's a good idea — have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the listener!"

Holidays_l The players: Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr.
The plot: A single mom is fired, makes out with her boss, finds out her daughter plans to lose her virginity -- and now faces spending the holiday with her aging parents.
Memorable line: "Nobody means what they say on Thanksgiving, Mom. You know that. That's what the day's supposed to be all about, right? Torture."

Theicestorm_l THE ICE STORM (1997)
The players: Kevin Kline, Joan Allen
The plot: A family finds their lives spinning out of control as Thanksgiving -- and a nasty storm -- approaches.
Memorable line: "Dear Lord, thank you for this Thanksgiving holiday. And for all the material possessions we have and enjoy. And for letting us white people kill all the Indians and steal their tribal lands. And stuff ourselves like pigs, even though children in Asia are being napalmed."

Apirl02 The players: Katie Holmes, Oliver Platt
The plot: A daughter and her boyfriend invite her estranged family, including her dying mother, to their tiny apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.
Memorable line: "Please give me my stupid #&%*& turkey!"

Dutch DUTCH (1991)
The players: Ed O’Neill, Ethan Embry
The plot: A man volunteers to pick up his girlfriend's son from prep school and drive him home for the holiday, only to find out he's a stuck-up brat.
Memorable line: "You might be the toughest little whacker at the junior high but in my world, you’re about as worrisome as a cloudy day."

SON-IN-LAW (1993)
Soninlaw1 The players: Pauly Shore, Carla Gugino
The plot: A once-reserved college freshman brings her party-animal best friend back to her South Dakota town for the holidays.
Memorable line: "Mr. Morgan if you’re edged 'cuz I'm weezing on your grindage just chill 'cuz if I had the whole Brady Bunch thing going over at my pad I'd go grind over there so don't tax my gig so hard-core cruster."

Scentofawoman SCENT OF A WOMAN (1992)
The players: Al Pacino, Chris O’Donnell
The plot: A poor prep school student spends the holiday with a blind man, who drags him on an unplanned trip to New York.
Memorable line: "You’ve got integrity Charlie. I don't know whether to shoot you or adopt ya."

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