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Elfman's 55? Why, he's only a lad!

Danny_elfman Everyone's favorite eclectic 80s new-wave band leader turned Hollywood movie score composer has a birthday today. But I don't want to imagine what flavor cake a guy like Danny Elfman would request for his big day. Can anyone say "rutabaga?"

I'd expect nothing less strange for the man behind tunes like "Grey Matter," "Insects" and "No Spill Blood."

The former Oingo Boingo front-man turns 55 years old today. And while the California-bred band has been in retirement since their final Halloween show in 1995, Elfman continues to compose movie scores at a phenomenal pace. What began as a side-job with 1980's "Forbidden Zone" has continued with dozens of additional themes including the catchy tunes to "Batman,"  "Beetlejuice" and "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."

And don't expect Elfman to resurrect Oingo Boingo anytime soon. The long years of touring have left him with substantial hearing problems, thanks to a bad case of tinnitus.

"The last five or six years I was in the band, my instincts were telling me I was doing myself a lot of harm - and I was right," Elfman told the Orange County Register in 2005.

To that end, he won't jump back in if the band decides to reunite one day: "I'm happy to see that music live on, and it really doesn't bother me - as long as I'm not asked to participate. To me, it's the past, and the past should stay the past."

Not a chance, Danny. Here at the Stuck in the 80s, the past never dies. Click here to listen to our Oingo Boingo podcast from 2006.

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