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Even John Cusack knows John Cusack is a babe magnet



John Cusack/Getty Images

John Cusack was at San Diego's Comic-Con to promote his upcoming appearance in The Raven, a movie that seems pretty unlikely to resonate with the Comic-Con crowd, but who cares? It's John Cusack. He can do whatever he wants. Stop messing with him.

Anyway, the take-away moment (and probably my last Comic-Con update ... unless somehow they created a Cylon body with John Hughes' brain in it) is this, from

Cusack's reply to Bob Stencil of who asked him, "Is this finally going to be a John Cusack movie where when I leave the theater, the girl that I'm with doesn't go, 'I wish you were more like John Cusack?' To that, John gave a very simple, 'No.' "

Lloyd Dobler ... all right.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 9:11am]


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