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Even the nights are better -- thanks to this tour

Airsupply Could it be? Have all the cosmic clickers finally nudged into place? Are the spirits of all girlfriends-gone-bad finally beginning to exorcise themselves? Is Taco Bell's drive-thru now open 24 hours? It must be because ...

Air Supply is going on a world tour! Get your pink cashmere sweaters out of storage and start regrowing your poofy hairdos.

Of course, when I say "world tour" what I really mean is a bunch of gigs at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas starting May 22, with a bunch of other dates scattered around in between. (None in Florida.) But still.

Now don't start acting like you're all high and mighty and don't love these guys. That just belittles us all. Instead, just go dig out their greatest-hits CD buried deep in your closet (next to the velour shirts) and use your headphones. It will be our secret. Our "Lost in Love" secret.

By the way, a little trivia here. The official name of the Air Supply fan club? The Airheads. No kidding. Some things you just can't make up.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:33pm]


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