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Sidandnancy Is there anyone out there who truly couldn't appreciate the 1986 flick Sid & Nancy? It's a Gary Oldman masterpiece (aren't they all?). And if you didn't idolize Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols before seeing it, you surely did afterward. (Though perhaps for all the wrong reasons.)

Everything I Need To Know In Life, I Learned from Sid & Nancy:

  • "Never trust a junkie."
  • "Barbie doesn't have bruises."
  • "Sidney's more than a mere bass player. He's a fabulous disaster. He's a symbol, a metaphor, he embodies the dementia of a nihilistic generation."
  • "You're in the studio, these places cost like fifty grand a minute."
  • "Sex is boring ... American hippie love s--t."

This week's Stuck in the 80s podcast showcases "Sid & Nancy." Click here to listen or click here to subscribe to the series for free on iTunes.

What can you expect to learn from this week's show?

  • Find out what happens if you stick to a strict diet of fish and melon.
  • Learn about the real Sid Vicious (the late Simon John Ritchie) and Nancy Spungen.
  • Appreciate one of the top 10 movie soundtracks from the 80s.

It's all there, plus a new edition of "Name That 80s Tune" and "Reader Mailbag."

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