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Ewww, that smell: Worst 80 movies of the 80s



Skunk Are you ready for our list of 80 Worst Movies of the 80s? Actually, we have a list of 100 movies -- 80 movies and 20 sequels. It's truly a motley list. I don't recommend operating a nose-hair clipper or diapering an infant immediately after reading each installment.

We compiled the list from reader recommendations and critic lists. Some of the movies are no-brainers -- like the actors who appear in them. Others are campy favorites that might tweak die-hard fans a little. Hey, that's the flavor, baby.

You will notice a few trends in the list:

  • Just about every flick by Sylvester Stallone in the 80s appears on the list at some point.
  • There are no films by John Cusack on the list.
  • Other actors you better get used to seeing: John Travolta, Dudley Moore, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Madonna.
  • Top represented genre: Musicals (or films based on music trends).

Stay tuned for the first 10 movies in the list!

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