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Famous 'dos of the 80s

LimahlSadly, given our advancing ages, most of us are well beyond having to worry about frosted highlights, extra-strength hairgel and other hirsute adventures.

But that doesn't mean we can't drag our hairy heroes through the mud again. I mean, come on, Limahl. Are there fishing lines holding those hairstrands up?

Today's challenge: Name were the best celebrity/musician hairdos of the 80s.

I'm just jealous, because I was born with Pete Rose hair -- completely straight, fly-away hair that refuses to conform to any modern style. Unless I use tons of gel, but then I look like Crispin Glover.

Feel free to consider actors, celebrities and musicians for the list. Here are some obvious inclusions:

Mikescore MIKE SCORE (A Flock of Seagulls): Perhaps the poster man-child for interesting hair. Sadly, he's bald now. (And he says he hates playing "I Ran" -- go figure.)

Howardjoneslg HOWARD JONES: His hair is sorta halfway between Mike Score's and that MTV Veejay Alan Hunter. Sadly, these days he looks more like Christopher Lloyd in "Back to the Future."

B52sst THE B-52s: Just Kate and Cindy. Fred looks just fine.

AIMEE MANN ('Til Tuesday): Once sported the infamous "rat tail," which really should be the official hair accessory of the '80s.

Bowwowwow ANNABELLA LWIN (Bow Wow Wow): She went mohawk -- and au natural -- for an album cover. One problem. She wasn't 18 yet.

Add your nominations to the list. We'll unveil the final ranking on a later date. In the meantime, go visit a stylist and ask for the featured look. Time to bring back a classic!

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