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Fans of a-ha demand justice

Aha Remember our "One-hit wonders of 1985" podcast? They'll still burning it in effigy across the Atlantic. Well, I guess you can't burn a podcast. But they're downloading it and then maliciously deleting it immediately.

The Stuck in the 80s mailbox here is overstuffed with e-mails from across Europe, the Middle East and Iowa (strangely enough), all demanding that we do a show entirely on their beloved band -- a-ha. Here are some examples of the e-mails:

Israel Nili from Israel: "Yes, this is another determined a-ha fan, wanting you to know that they are still alive and kicking - and they're great. First listen to some of their records, then tell us what you think. I have a feeling you might change your mind."

Scotland Stuart from Glascow, Scotland: "Just because they don't sell many singles of CDs does not mean that they don't have success elsewhere in the world... So please give them some credit and respect. After all, how many bands from the 80s era are still together?"

Norway Morten from Norway: "a-ha has been recording and touring through the '80s, '90s and to the present, particulary in Europe and Japan and South America. There are so many old songs that American fans never got to hear."

Poland Sylwia from Kraków, Poland: "I'm writing to say calling a-ha a one-hit wonder is just unfair. And the truth is they are much more than 'Take On Me.' They're kings of melancholic, haunting ballads. They can strongly rock and they are perfect at dark tunes. And Morten Harket's voice? Not only can it be high but it's also soft, sensual, sexy and extremely expressive. It can be strong and roaring as well as delicate and tender, ephemeral."

Denmark Julia from Denmark: "Are you mad man! They are the greatest -- how can a group with eight studio albums, one live album, several greatest hits compilations and gigs this summer be one-hit wonders?"

So needless to say we're working on an a-ha podcast now. But what I'd really love to know from the die-hard a-ha fans is this: What do you think the band's five best songs are?

Just drop us a comment below and we'll make sure they're on the show.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:23pm]


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