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Favorite podcast of 2007?



80syearend Stuck in the 80s has one more show to produce (the "listener call-in" show) and then we can finally put the lid on 2007. And what a year it was.

Full of interviews, cool backstage live-blogging events, a tearful goodbye to co-host Cathy Wos, meeting some of our rock heroes in person, introducing John Waite on stage! Where do we go from here?

What we want to know from you -- the 80s nation -- is this: Which was your favorite Stuck in the 80s podcast from 2007? Here were some of ours:

The Huey Lewis interview: Not our best interview, but you had to love Sean Daly getting into a fight with Huey. "Dogs Playing Poker," Sean? Poor Huey. (Listen)

Stuck ... in the 70s:
After nearly a month off the air, we set the time machine a little too far back and landed squarely in the 1970s. I still laugh at the specialized opening for the show created by our master engineer and uber-fan David Peterkofsky. (Listen)

Kenny Loggins:
Who knew the guy -- Mr. Top Gun ... Sir Caddyshack ... the Pharaoh of Footloose ... would be so playful and sing for us? (Listen)

Brian Johnson interview: Our first conversation with a Rock N' Roll Hall of Famer, and he surpassed our expectations. Even if you're not an AC/DC fan, you had to enjoy Brian's sense of humor -- and his insults of U2. (Listen)

Canadian Music of the 80s:
It took the help of nearly every listener north of the border to pull off this podcast, featuring Canadian DJ Stu Jeffries and a dozen songs rarely heard outside the Great White North. (Listen)

One-Hit Wonders of 1986: For some reason, we got more e-mails about this episode than any other. People just dig the Blow Monkeys, I guess. (Listen)

Genesis and Invisible Touch: Who can forget my shame at telling the "Nummy Nummy" story of lost love. Some things are better left in the 80s. (Listen)

There are many others to choose from. So drop us a comment and tell us what you loved -- or hated -- about Stuck in the 80s in 2007. And we'll get to work on another year of time travel.

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