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Favorite Risky Business lines



Tomorrow, we record our weekly Stuck in the 80s podcast. This week's topic: Risky Business. A movie that I think is as good today as it was back in the early 80s. Long before Tom Cruise was jumping couches on Oprah. Heck, possibly before his wife-to-be was even born.

So the question is ... what's your favorite line from the movie? There are so many to choose from. (Some of which are unprintable here, so please use dashes):
-- "Sometimes you gotta say what the f---, and make your move."
-- "Joel, get off the babysitter!"
-- "Time of your life, eh kid?"
-- "In a sluggish economy, never f--- with another man's livelihood."
-- "I have a trig mid-term tomorrow and I'm being chased by Guido the killer pimp"

"Are you Joel? Fifty goes to the house."

What am I missing? Tell us your favorite line. Or call our toll-free number and tell it to us and we'll use it on the podcast. The number is (866) 371-9605. Yes, I swear it's toll-free.

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