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Ferris Bueller's high school mascot is ....



Shermer_bulldog Turns out the fictional Shermer High School mascot is a bulldog! Not very original, but that trivia question has been bugging the '80s nation for some time now.

By the way, there's a ton of Shermer High merchandise to be had at (Also the home of the Stuck in the '80s souvenir stand.)

Other famous '80s high school mascots:

RIDGEMONT HIGH: That'd be the "Wolf" -- the same mascot of Van Nuys High School, where most of the school scenes were shot for Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

HOLLYWOOD HIGH: That's where Randy and Fred go in Valley Girl. And that makes them "Sheiks."

HICKORY HIGH: In the movie Hoosiers, our little underdogs are "Huskers." Though the school the story is based on is actually Milan High, whose mascot is the "Indian."

TOPSAIL HIGH: The high school in the 1987 Jon Cryer flick Hiding Out is actually Topsail High School, located near Wilmington, N.C. So that makes "Maxwell Howser" a "Pirate."

In Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox was a werewolf, but more importantly, he was a "Beaver."

WESTERBERG HIGH: Hmmm, the high school in Heathers is named after Paul Westerberg of The Replacements. And that would make the mascot ... an empty beer bottle?

Still trying to figure out the high school mascots for Last American Virgin, Porky's, Lucas and any others you can dream up.

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