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The final frontier's pricetag: $4,995 for USS Enterprise



enterprise_refit-3.jpgWhen it comes to loyalty to the Starfleet Academy, the United Federation of Planets, the very ideal of "Live long and prosper," Star Trek fans know no bounds. When it comes to footing the bill for an actual movie replica of the USS Enterprise, I'm guessing the line is somewhere between zero and $4,995.

Because only $4,995 will buy you this lovely, slightly used, mint condition iconic Constitution-class starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from

"Our most ambitious work to date, this 1:350 scale filming-quality miniature re-creates perfectly the starship featured in the first three Star Trek motion pictures. We are also offering the NCC-1701-A variant, which appeared in the Star Trek IV, V and VI," the description reads.

In case you're logging in to check your bank balance now, here are the dimensions: 34.5 inches long, 7 inches high. "And it includes more features, more visual effects, more detailed painting that any licensed ship replica from any major sci-fi movie or TV show to date," the website promises. 

Oh do tell! Design features include a decorated VIP loung with crew members, illuminated cargo bay and a complex lighting system with 130 LEDS, including an active deflector dish that ramps up to an amber glow and brightens to blue when warp engines are engaged and photon torpedoes that flash red and white.

And if you have 5k to spend, why not splurge and get the "Wrath of Khan Battle Damage Variant," fearing all the damage inflicted on the Enterprise during its battle with the U.S.S. Reliant in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. All yours for only $250 more.

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