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Finally, a live disc from Run-DMC



Rundmc_2 Run-DMC's Daryl McDaniel gives a great Q&A this week to Promoting the former band's first live concert DVD ("Live at Montreux"), DMC also offers several great observations about the band's history and his future in music. (Click here for the full interview)

Why a live DVD now? "In the video age kids are getting their information from MTV, and they don't know about DJing and the crowd. We just needed three things: the DJ, the microphone and a crowd. That's emceeing and hip-hop 101. So for me this DVD is information and education."

What was the Montreux experience like? "For me it was just another show. The only significant thing was that we were at Montreux, and when I walked in there I was like wow - this is huge, not for me, but for hip-hop."

What's your upcoming solo CD going to sound like? "It's a completely new sound - I mean, not even what's going on today. I didn't use the producers of this era, I used the next kids who [came out of] the basement that you don't know about. And what's good about it is it has that same youthful enthusiasm that my early records did."'s Todd Gilchrist (read his blog) did a great job on the interview. Don't forget to click here to read the full transcript.

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