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Find out which '80s splits made list of TV's worst breakups



sam-and-diane.jpgThe '80s were a time of peace, love and understanding. At least as far as matrimony goes. And so's new list of the 30 most horrible TV breakups of all time includes only a couple breakups from the '80s -- though they both ranked in the top 5.

(I know what you're thinking. How about that awful pairing in Married ... With Children. Granted, but Peg and Al never got divorced.)

Here are the two '80s breakups that made that their list. You could click that link and spend 10 minutes going through the slideshow or you can let me break the news to you.

5. SAM and DIANE in CHEERS (Ted Danson and Shelley Long): "Numerous hits and near misses of Sam and Diane getting together finally culminated in boatside proposal (and about 10 proposals thereafter), but Diane ultimately opted to leave Boston (and the series) to pursue her own career. Of course Diane's return for Cheers' series finale posed the question again, but ultimately the two decided against it.  Their occasional re-appearances on Frasier did suggest hope for the future, however."

(Fred Savage and Danica McKellar): "Kevin and Winnie's relationship was filled with its ups and downs, but never ended so harshly as when Kevin fled his hometown in search of Winnie, only to find her making out with one of her fellow lifeguards at the resort she worked. Despite reconciling by the end, Daniel Stern explained to us how she moved abroad, and despite writing to each other regularly the two ultimately maintained seperate lives and marriages.  Poor bastard.  Have you SEEN what Winnie looks like now?"

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