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Five years later, Top 10 moments in Stuck in the '80s history



Stuck in the 80sFive years ago today -- July 22, 2005 -- Stuck in the '80s was born with a simple idea: Find a way to do a fun but informative pop culture podcast that didn't feel like work at all. And with a 13-minute podcast about The Breakfast Club that I wouldn't recommend ANYONE listen to nowadays, there we were.

A lot has changed in five years. We no longer sit around our office with hand-held microphones and no notes, hoping that the digital tape machine is working. Now we sit in a soundproof audio studio, with maybe a page of notes, hoping that the digital tape machine is working. (A few weeks ago, during the Horrible Hits of 1988 show, it famously stopped working for the first time, causing us to re-record the entire second half of the show.)

We've had some ups and downs over the 205 shows, but today, let's focus on the positives.


10. SEAN'S FIGHT WITH HUEY LEWIS: You could almost see it coming. Huey was tired; Sean was mischievous. One poorly worded question -- "Hey Huey, what's your favorite song?" -- and Mr. Lewis snapped, firing some potent four-lettered criticism at Sean.

8. KENNY LOGGINS SINGS: Things weren't going our way when we agreed to interview Kenny Loggins. We'd been on hiatus for a while in April 2007 and there was lukewarm interest in continuing. And then Kenny sang Nobody's Fool for us during the interview, and everything turned around ... until ...


9. THE TOM WOPAT FIASCO: The very next week after Kenny Loggins, Spearsy tried to host the show solo ... for the first and last time, mainly because the interview with the Dukes of Hazzard star was on deadline. A few technical snafus later, and the worst podcast episode ever was there for us all to ridicule for years to come.

7. SEAN AND CATHY JOIN THE SHOW: Sean Daly appears for the first time in Episode 3 (Sean Penn and Madonna). Cathy Wos appears in Episode 22 (Heathers). A few months later, the classic lineup of Stuck in the '80s hits their first grand slam with the Michael Jackson Thriller episode.

6. SPEARY'S TEEN CRUSH CONSOLES HIM: The radiant Deborah Foreman spends 45 minutes on the phone with Spearsy for the Breakup Episode and suddenly the world is right again.

5. GINA LEAVES THE SHOW: Original co-host Gina Vivinetto was on board for only 27 shows, leaving in February 2006. But they were the first 27 shows, and she set the tone and mood for everything to follow.

4. THE MAESTRO TAKES IT UP A NOTCH: Before Dave "The Maestro" Morrison joined the crew as our engineer and producer, we were throwing darts in the dark. With him on board, the show surged forward in production quality and energy. Though he's not our full-time producer now, his techniques are still used for every single show.

3. WE HANG OUT WITH RICK SPRINGFIELD: Deborah Gibson was the first celebrity to ever visit the Stuck in the '80 podcast studio in person on April 19, 2008. But she wasn't the first '80s star we met in person. That would come on Sept 24., 2006 for the We Are The '80s Tour featuring Scandal, Loverboy, Eddie Money and Rick Springfield, who visited us in our dressing room at Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall for a podcast interview. It was the first concert Spearsy had been to in 5 years and the first time we'd tried blogging live from an '80s concert.

2. BRIAN JOHNSON LOVES US: The AC/DC frontman called us from his Florida home just an hour south of us to promote a charity show in our own backyard. A half hour later, it seemed like he was our best friend. Sean and Spearsy literally rolled around the floor in glee after the phone interview ended. Listen to it again in Episode 90.

1. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ... MARTHA QUINN: The face of MTV, the '80s and everything in between. When she joined us for Episode 97 in 2007 (and again for Episode 186 for New Year's Eve), it just felt like we'd be Stuck in the '80s forever.

Thanks to everyone who has called, e-mailed, sent us care packages, partied with us, you name it. Most of all, thanks for listening. And thanks for staying with us, hopelessly stuck in the '80s.

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