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The Fixx put on 'prom-style' show for fans



Cy Curnin of the FixxThe Fixx came to Tampa Bay on Wednesday night, sadly the same night yours truly was at Crowded House a few miles up the road. So I recruited Stuck in the '80s correspondent Molly Leaf to cover Cy Curnin and the boys at the Largo Cultural Center. Molly grew up in St. Petersburg during the '80s and now spends her days wishing that life was still as fun as her old Atari 2600. Take it away, Molly.

I thought I was going to The Fixx concert last night, but upon entering the Largo Cultural Center I was quickly transported to a very bad high school dance in 1984. There weren't any pubescent boys in white tuxedos or insecure girls wearing ruffled taffeta dresses. And this wasn't a high school gym. But with the round tables on the floor and the lit votive candles adorning them, I thought for sure I was at the wrong concert.

Curiously, fans of The Fixx in 2010 range in age from 35 - 65. These prom attendees were all sitting at the tables like good boys and girls (at least at first). As lead singer Cy Curnin sexily walked out to deliver their first song, two girls stood up and began dancing. But if you're going to dance at the prom, make sure that everyone else is also dancing. In between their first several songs the cranky people with newly obstructed views screamed "sit down!!" The dancing girls didn't listen.

Excitedly I wondered how this scenario was going to play out. But unfortunately, more and more prom attendees decided to run to the makeshift dance floor as soon as the band played first few chords of "Stand or Fall." The band nearly sounded identical to how they did in the '80s. Their 18-song set brought the melodic synthpop we were all expecting from the New Wave generation of bands. Watching Curnin make strange shapes with his hands in between large sips of wine was more than amusing.

Later in the night, the prom-goers eagerly populated the dance floor and sang along to fan-favorite "Red Skies." Some danced the "Molly Ringwald" circa The Breakfast Club. By the time Curnin was on his seventh glass of wine, this crowd was feeling no pain.

At one point the three-member cleaning crew entered the gym complete with rolling bucket and mop to clean a large puddle of a spilled beverage. Safety first! These 30 - 60 somethings were reliving their youth and The Fixx were just along for the ride.

As the night came to a close and all of the five "hits" had made it on the set list, prom ended without crowing a king or queen. So in honor of my concert comrades last evening, I'd like to officially crown last night's prom king and queen. The title of Prom Queen goes to the elderly bartender who served the rowdy crowd buckets and buckets of beer all evening. Bless her heart. The title of Prom King goes to none other than Curnin. On multiple occasions he courageously gave the microphone to the rowdy dancers to sing the chorus. Let's all just hope that Donna Martin can graduate after this one!

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