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'Flashdance' returns as Broadway musical; national tour planned



flashdance.jpgFlashdance wasn't close to being the greatest romantic drama of the '80s, but it was saved by the energy of the music, the universe appeal of the underdog story, and the oh-so-lovable/she's so sexy factor of Jennifer Beals and her cuddly castmates.

Can Flashdance - The Musical possibly recreate the magic? We'll find out later this year. Entertainment Weekly says a stage adaptation of the 1983 is set to begin on Broadway in fall 2012, with a national tour set to begin in January 2013 (in Pittsburgh, natch, where the film was set.) A 25-city tour is planned. (No words on whether Tampa Bay will make the cut.)

"The musical, which tells the story of an aspiring ballet dancer who works at a steel mill by day and a 'flashdancer' at a local bar by night, will include songs from the film’s famous soundtrack, including Gloria, Maniac, and the Academy Award-winning Flashdance – What A Feeling," EW says. (Oh god, I hope they don't re-create the awkward ice-skating scene. I leave the room for that every time. But please, leave in the lobster dinner part. Wowsers.)

[Hat tip to Whitney at Pop Candy for the story link.]

TRIVIA TIME: Three things that caught me offguard about Flashdance, the movie:

1. CHANGE OF LEADERSHIP: Brian De Palma was set to direct Flashdance, but dropped it at the last minute to do Scarface instead.

2. FREAK ACCIDENT, NOT FASHION: Jennifer Beals' trend-setting collarless sweatshirt wasn't intentional or planned. The sweatshirt had shrunk in the wash and she had to cut the collar off in order to get it over her head.

3. GOD OF THUNDER: Kiss' Gene Simmons was offered the lead male role but turned it down in fear of hurting his "demon" image.


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