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Flying first-class through the 80s



Planestrains The latest Stuck in the 80s podcast is online. Click here to listen or click here to subscribe for free via iTunes.

This week's topic: The epic holiday travel flick Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Times pop critic Sean Daly says it's the best movie by writer/producer/director John Hughes as well as Steve Martin's best film. Tune into the podcast to hear his reasons why.

Other podcast highlights:

  • Tacobell Sean's comic retelling of a flight home from Vegas next to a man covered in Taco Bell droppings.
  • Steve's tale of the worst-ever Thanksgiving with a psychotic college girlfriend.
  • A Top 10 list of lines from the movie.
  • Plenty of trivia and hard-to-believe facts about the movie.
  • Pornstar_1 Cathy's story about her days as a flight attendant-turned-porn star. (Or something close to that.)

Leave us a comment if you enjoyed the show. If you didn't, go leave a comment at Sean's blog. He's much better at taking criticism than I am.

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